Friday Quick takes for March 19

We are having beautiful weather here in So Ca! I've taken the kids twice to the park this week for P.E.

P.E. looked like this, (see above photo) kind of a "Calvin Ball" game- this one was like baseball, but with tennis racket. The dog would alternately assist the base-running, or foul you out. It was pretty exciting/and or confusing by turns.

Sky and I have re-discovered Antique Roadshow. It's quite addicting.

took the kids to McDonald's for Shamrock shakes for St. Patrick's day. I remember them from my childhood and it has become a St. Paddy's day tradition.

Our hockey team has only won 2 games, their second win somehow landed them in the playoff games for the league. They played against a team that has won 7 games and only lost 2. Somehow, our team beat them in overtime! It was one of the most exciting games I've seen!
(Amie is standing on the left- can you tell she is unsure about this team bonding thing?!)

I took Emma the wonder labradoodle to the vet to pick up some flea medicine. I had to take her so they could get her weight. Anyway, she hasn't been back since she was fixed. She jumped into the van, happy for a ride! She jumped out of the van, eager to greet the dogs she could see! We got inside, and she began to shake. She clearly remembered the place. Poor baby. We left, and she jumped very quickly back into the van, clearly very eager to leave!

I've given up any pretense at being a housekeeper this week. The laundry is piled high, and the kids have had a massive blanket fort in the front room for 3 days now.

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