7 Quick Takes Friday, March 5

Birthday party for my baby girl, she is now 8 years old...where did the time go?
Smallish/medium party for her, family and a few friends. Lots of sugar. Everyone said I did a superb job, picking up the phone and ordering this cake! It was a white cake with white chocolate-chip frosting inside. Yum. Like I said, lots of sugar! :)

We have had more rain than we are used to here in So. Ca - about time, we really need it. The world was green today at the stables, Meg had a lesson. Beautiful!

Josie was moved to a different beginning sabre class, and it is only one day a week, not two days!
Less drive time for mom is a good thing.

We studied Vikings this week. We measured out a viking ship in the front yard.
80 ft by 16ft, who knew?

measured out a treasure map using a compass for our Classical Conversations class. I've never used a compass before, can you believe that? I had a blast...but it was the compass app on the iphone, does that really count?

Orange peel beef at P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Heaven.

finally figured out how to use the aperture setting on my camera- Eureka! Having much fun- before I figured this out, I was cheating and setting my camera on the little flower icon for a close up, which would blur the background some...but it wasn't the same.

I have to say it...I heart bokeh. I need more bokeh in my life.

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