7 Quick Takes Friday, Feb. 19

7 Quick Takes Friday is hosted over at Conversion Diary.

Started walking again daily, in the mornings. I had decided that I didn't deserve to, if I wasn't ready to start school bright and early. Then I decided I was fat.
Walking it is.

Sky told me to go ahead and order the camera bag I was drooling over.
I had just talked myself out of it, after all, it wasn't a need...but then Sky thought I should, so I did it!

Did the usual round of lessons this week; Violin and Orchestra for Meg, Fencing for Josie, Irish Dance for Meg, Hockey for Demi & Amie, Art for Demi, Amie & Josie. Tennis for Josie.


filled my bird feeder again. I love birds! I had neglected the bird feeders for many, many months. It's nice to see the birds visiting again!

We did a trial version of Aleks math to supplement our Math-U-See program. I am glad we did the trial, because after a few hours of using it, Demi and Amie were unhappy with it. Decision made to stick with Flashkids workbooks for supplemental work. I liked the testing, the pie graph and that Aleks is tied to State Standards, so I am going to keep it for Josie and Meg. (p.s.-if you look into Aleks, there is a 30 day free trial, google for the code)

I am seriously considering going to this blogging conference. I don't like to do things without Sky, though..so this is a hard decision to make. It's far enough away I will have to fly, so it will be too expensive for two of us to go, specially since he would just be hanging out...

Had a really productive homeschool day today. After the bulk of our work was done, we headed over to Rubio's for lunch and then to the skateboard park for p.e. We came home and then did social studies, lituature reading and reading. A good day!