Sunday night link fun is here

Well, first I have to tell you that The Timberdoodle catalog
is having a software sale**
they are offering shipping for $3.95 for your entire order-not just the software, as long as you make a software purchase. If you don't know Timberdoodle, go visit, it's a must for homeschoolers, and even for non-homeschoolers...if you have children in your life, you will find fun and educational/fun gifts there.
I have to recommend their typing instructor program- very well done.

  • Hurry over, the offer ends Jan. 11, 2010

Clocky** the alarm clock with wheels, you are only able to hit snooze once, and then it jumps off your nightstand and runs around your room until you get up and turn it off.

Title Nine catalog is having a sale. This catalog is full of clothes and stuff for an active lifestyle. I looove Title Nine, I only wish I was athletic enough to buy lots of stuff from them! I did buy some new running shoes they have on sale...yay me!!