Better Parenting through Electronic Pets

I think I have spotted a new parenting trend: The electronic pet.

After scoring 2 zhu-zhus for Amie,
-{which I knew nothing about because we don't watch commercials...Amazon happened to suggest it when I was shopping, and I thought they were cute, and came with accessories and the original price was okay...and then I saw they were not in stock and what the going price was...yikes!!! Triple yikes!! -so then I realized they were the toy of the season.
Still wanted one.
But not at $50.
And I was not going to stalk Toy
s R Us for them, either.
Instead, I had my BFF pick them up for me in Singapore. Score!!} -

I digress...well, after obtaining- through divine grace, 2 zhu-zhu pets for Amie, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they move, and make cute little noises.

Amie was delighted

She promptly set up a little habitat for them, complete with improvised water bottle and cute little zhu-zhu exercise wheel (I told you they had accessories!!)

I saw her little zhu-zhu world, and cue angels singing,
I had a revelation. Why- oh -why did I ever dare tread into the world of real-life guinea pigs and aquarium fishies?? Why?


The guinea pigs were real cute, but
Guess who cleaned the cage out every few days because she could not take the stink?

you'd be right.

Enter the electronic pet. No smell.
No bedding to be changed, cleaned. No food to buy. No fresh crickets to buy (that would be for the gecko) no costly end of life decisions (don't ask me how much a vet visit for a guinea pig costs...don't)

Then I remembered C Jane's big revelation about her son's new pet, Mao the cat*

and I knew I was onto a brilliant trend

better parenting through electronic pets...
I'm a convert.