Daybook, Monday December 28

FOR TODAY... from My Daybook

Outside my window... I see stars and a dark night.

I am thinking... over the Winter Training we just finished, thinking about being a laboring priest for the gospel of Christ.

I am thankful for... family and friends

I am wearing... my p.j.'s and fuzzy socks.

I am remembering... the sound of 4,000 brothers and sisters in Christ singing Romans 16:25 & 27 together.

I am going... to go to bed soon, the first time before midnight in a week...yay!

I am reading... the newly released Christian Research Journal magazine.

I am hoping... that my dog's tummy issues are over.

On my mind... I need to call Gracefulmom and arrange to hang out before she flies home.

From the learning rooms...we have the week off, I am hoping to get some pre-planning done and to clean the learning shelves. Teddy will not be with us this week.

Noticing that... the house is getting back to normal now that most of our company is gone.

Pondering these words...

"God is not interested in our victory, success or our spirituality. He is interested in our gaining Him, in His being wrought into our being." -Ed Marks, Message 11, The Gospel of God in Romans

From the kitchen... leftovers, including leftover apple oatmeal, which is very good for dessert with ice cream!

Around the house... the kids are settling into bed, our last two guests are on their laptops.

One of my favorite things~ a newly bathed dog

From my picture journal

I went ice-skating with Meg!

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