fall days, meant for rambles

Friday was one of those fleeting crisp, sparkling fall days here in So. California. We headed to the park for some lunch and adventure.

A stroll across a wooden bridge just shouts out 'child-hood', doesn't it?

Demi and Teddy hard at play...or playing hard.

We got a good 15 minutes of play before a group of 60 school kids showed up with their lunches. Hmm.... 60 young-ish kids, my 4 and 4 swings- 2 slides. Odds are that this is not going to work out well for the non-schooled minority set.

A good reminder why we never come to this park, even though its bounty of trees, bird- life and river walk are very alluring...it's across from the Science Museum and the school field-trippers have annexed it as their own private lunch grounds. We, the public part of 'public park' skiddaddled.

And no, we are not allowed to play at the public school playgrounds.

Have dog, will travel!

loove my dog!