homeschool- science school

This week we enjoyed a trip to the Kid's Science Museum in the big city nearest to us. Another homeschool mom called to remind us that is was a free day for us, and to tell us that the museum had a neat hockey exhibit...Demi is all about hockey these days, he just tried out for a roller-hockey team...

Nice perk of homeschooling, we were able to drop what we were doing, and head on down!

Here is one of the neat hockey exhibits, a movie screen in front with a hockey player approaching to shoot at the goal. There are 3 slots in the wall, and the hockey puck shoots out of one of them. The kids got to dress up in goalie gear and try to stop the puck. Red lights and roar of the crowd added to the fun.

Amie tried out the harp with no strings. It had lights instead. Sounded like the real thing and was fun to experiment with. Mom played with it, too.

The whole crew had to try out the rock climbing wall. Love these! I wish we had one in our backyard, just the sort of thing I would have loved as a kid.

I've learned through experience to not arrive at the Science Museum until after lunch. I think they try to schedule all of the school field trips on the city-free day. It's a real zoo in the morning. Arriving 1 pm or later works out well, the kids are out having lunch and then being rounded up on buses. We have the place to ourselves, pretty much after 1.

A perk of homeschooling, ....avoiding the crowds. :)