the steel-toed boots stumped them

I like scented candles.

I am addicted to the small votive kind, and an easy way to cheer me up, specially if we are kind of to pop into the candle store at the mall and buy 3 or 4: instant happiness! :)

My candle supplies were seriously Sky, being the supreme sweetheart that he is, happened to be at the mall this week and decided to pop in and get me a few.

I'll set the scene for ya,'s lunch time, so Sky is sporting usual construction-man attire; jeans,(dusty) tee-shirt and steel-toed boots.

The ladies working the counter at the candle store didn't quite know what to do with him.

Finally, one approaches him with one of those quart-sized jar candles and says, "This Autumn leaves scent is very popular" and then her voice kind of loses volume and trails off limply as she finishes with..."...if you're into that sort of thing...."

Sky got my candles and skiddaddled out of there, to everyone's relief, I'm sure.

I squealed when I saw the Yankee Candle bag,

he's my sugar-daddy, indeed!

and then I laughed at him when I pictured him walking into that store without me, and he told me the above, and I laughed till I cried. He's sweet and amusing.