Catch up post break

It's a crazy, crazy world here at home. I'll catch you up on all that is causing my head to spin and the root of my sleep-less nights... oh, actually the dog is the root of my sleepless nights- and the college age people at my house who stay up talking till 2 a.m....but I digress,

First, we just finished up a church week-long Bible Conference. We had 7 or 8 college-age kids stay at our house. Somewhere around that number...I never did sit down and count! Well, one goes, another arrives..kind of hard to keep track of. Bible Conference week is a whirl-wind, it goes by soo fast, and leaves us exhausted. The meetings were really, really good. Sky and I take turns going, one of us stays home with the kids and the other goes and then we switch. The topic this year was "The Gospel of Grace". The conference ended Saturday night, we now have only 4 people still staying with us, a few leave tomorrow.

Our traditional Lord of the Rings marathon started last night. We do this after the Summer Training (what the conference is called) every year. We had the college kids and some friends stop by for this. My friend Stephanie had never seen Lord of the Rings, if you can imagine that! She was hooked, and will be back tonight for the next disc.

Conference week is such a hectic time, we don't even try to do any summer home-school. Today we picked back up with our math and language arts work. It's nice to be back to a routine.

Our puppy Emma is doing just awesome, she is a great dog, almost perfect. The last few nights she has had tummy issues and had gotten me up out of bed several times to let her out. I'm going to ban peanut butter in her kong toys and see if that I will ban all treats. It's a little heart-breaking to be up with the dog at 3 a.m. -for the 3rd time, when you have been getting to bed around midnight every night and hubby needs to get up and take someone to the airport at 5 a.m. It was an exercise in love, patience, forebearance...something like that. I think there is a deep, deep reason why the Lord made puppies so darn cute.

It's so we will let them live.
The cherry on top was how Emma ended her 3 a.m trip with chowing down on a cockroach outside and then gagging in the bedroom about it.
I prayed, half delirous in sleep, half-hoping she would not up-chuck in Sky's shoes, but too tired to do anything about it.

We were called in to meet with the director for the homeschool private school (an umbrella school) we are looking at for Meg's high school years. Meg is very, very excited. They have a yearbook and prom! She was excited about this, in that order. I was excited about the science classes...!

I recieved an email this weekend about a **Classical Conversations group starting up this fall very near to us. I knew about this course in a vague sort of way, but hadn't given it much thought. Well, I checked out the website and asked around at the homeschool boards, and suddenly I did not know how I had lived so long, homeschooling without this group. I want to sign the younger 4 kids up...but it was not at all in our already stretched budget for the new school year, and it is kind of pricey. We are working on what to do...I'll update you.

Meg is still Irish dancing, she competed at the Irish Fair in May.

She did really well. look! those curls are her own!

Check out the fancy Irish dance dresses. Also, not in our budget...we will figure something out!
Got the shoes...I think we are doing pretty good!! And the socks!! I did not know before that there were special Irish dance socks.

that is all that is news here...
how is your summer?