hittin' the streets

A group shot in front of the old state-house, Boston. It's so hard to get a group shot where no one is making a face, no one is blinking...socks match, no holes in pants... This one is a keeper.
A real-live action shot, we were walking hard...we did the freedom trail in one day! I don't recommend you do it, but we did. Philip made us. We did skip Bunker hill and Paul Revere's house. I would have liked to see Revere's house, but we forgot...we made a side-trip for cannoli, Philip said they were 'to die for' and, he was right.
Umm, chocolate chip cannoli or dead guy's house, cannoli wins-hands down.
Exploring the cemetery near Old North Church. I was reading about how this cemetery was un-kept for some time, and how once a restoration was under-way, old tombstones were found being used in construction of nearby houses. yikes! Yes, this is me...I'm now re-thinking the shirt I have on here. I bought it right before my trip to Singapore, and I love, love it. I love the color, and I love that it is a swing-cut, and also an a-line cut, and that the material is really soft. I feel nice wearing it. So far, I look bad in photos wearing it. What do you think? I was going to order another one in a different color..should I nix that thought?

My kids have a weird sense of humor. I pretended I didn't know them.

I didn't think it was funny at all! Then I told them that their faces would freeze like that...okay, it didn't make sense, but mom cliches don't have to, they're just a state of being. And the kids mostly aren't listening to them anyways....so there.