Sentosa Island, no kids, just add water

Flying to Singapore to visit my best friend, Starlene- I knew it would be more of a "mommy working" visit, as in; her darling husband works during the week, and someone still needs to mommy their two girls, pick them up from school, attend to their needs... I was going to more or less "hang out" with her, (which is what we do best as friends) and that was all I really expected.

Her husband was very gracious, had her book a night at a nearby resort/island, and then took care of things at home, so we could get away for some 'girl time'. We went to nearby Sentosa Island. Very tropical. Here is a view from our hotel room.
Look, we stumbled upon a pea-hen and her chick on our way from the beach to the pool. I have to tell you all that the pool was as warm as bath water, which is the only way I like pool water. We both commenced swimming laps, to work off our humongous buffet adventure. And then we just lazed around in the water, chatted, floated...and then swam some more laps.

Later, we decided that all the laps entitled us to a trip to Ben & Jerry's. -which was closed, so we hiked on down the beach to New Zealand natural ice cream. The extra walking entitled us to two scoops, of course!
Here is a water-fall in front of the hotel. I didn't mention how we got to the island did I? We took an air tram, like one of those rides they used to have at Disneyland...kind of cool, but always a bit of a challenge with my severe motion sickness. I did okay with it, had more of a problem with the crowded bus afterwards! I still cannot get over the tropical climate of Singapore, it was very warm. I love warm. I loved this waterfall! I also loved all the big, tropical trees with lots of green things growing among their limbs and branches. I have lots of photos of trees. Lots. I'll spare you, promise. Sky had to look at them all, tho...