The Odyssey of Homer-several different approaches

We have been studying The Odyssey for the past few weeks. Tapestry of Grace had a book about Troy scheduled for the lower grammar students (my youngest 3 ) and a portion of Story of the World Vol. 1.
Josie and Meg were assigned first, Black Ships before Troy, and then The Wanderings of Odysseus. Meg so enjoyed these that she asked to read the original Odyssey, so I ordered the Norton Anthology scheduled in TOG for rhetoric students.

So, those were the assignments from TOG, but then I had to include this;
The Adventures of Odysseus by Barefoot books. It is a simplified, but poetic retelling of
The Odyssey for children.

and the artwork is wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, artistic...I could go on and on about this book.
(actually, I already did so, read my review *here)

..and then, I found this Wishbone episode, "Homer sweet Homer" at the library. Unfortunately, Netflix did not carry this one, but one of our library branches did.

The kids loved it. I have to say that the attention to detail in this show was pretty impressive, right down to the bed carved out of a massive tree. Raise your hand, who can tell me about the symbolism with the bed? Anyone, anyone?...Bueller?

The actors were really good, too.
Unfortunately, when we came upon the very stirring scene of Odysseus revealing who he is to his son, Telemachus-who he hasn't seen in like 19 years...

-having the big, strong actor playing Telemachus turn very emotionally towards Wishbone the dog- calling out, "Father!" ...was just too much for my young audience. They shouted with laughter.

And I had to pause it, because we had all lost our concentration, we were laughing so long and hard. And then I had to rewind and play it again. And we laughed some more. It was a vicious cycle... and then we had to replay it yet again, because it was such a good laugh...

Okay, and then I found this book for Demi, it is part of a graphic novel series. What young boy wouldn't gobble these up? (We own 3 of these, and the Beowulf was stellar!)
And then, someone stop me!...I also found Mary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey, which includes 6 unabridged books, an audio collection...

It's becoming glaringly clear why I cannot get through 1 week in TOG in one week, isn't it?

I can't resist adding on books. I love the hunt.

We are going to have to move on this week. Meg will have to finish The Odyssey on her own. This includes mom, too. I have to pre-read ahead of her...sobbing/Sabine women and all (quick, name that movie!..okay, wrong ancient civilization, but you know what I mean...)

Last parting thought,

Extra-curricular activities around here include building a better hen-trap. This one was supposed to be self-activating.