things are a happening around here

Things are not dull for long around here! Well first, homeschool news-wise: I went ahead and ordered the Core 2 Language Arts from Sonlight. I also ordered the regular readers and intermediate readers guides with it.

I am really excited, aside from the fact that I love new books, new programs and packages in the mail (I am a curricula junkie, I admit it) , I am so excited about the point my youngest 3 students are in their learning to read journey. We are a little more than 20 lessons away from completing the headsprout phonics program, which is supposed to land them at a second grade reading level. They are just getting to the point of being able to enjoy what they are reading. The Sonlight program has a whole bunch of readers that look like so much fun.

Will the Bridgett Jones- homeschool mom be able to actually stick with a program? Well, my track record this year has improved tremendously, so I think I have a chance this time around.
You can all watch my progress, trials and triumphs here on the little ole blog...maybe,
unless it gets real ugly, then all bets are off and I will happily announce my new find next year...

With Meg starting high school next year, I really feel the need to have some continuity in our homeschool journey. That, and I am working my way so slowly through the program I have, which has been a great program, but I think I need more direction and a tightly scheduled day to keep me moving.

Other news, we have the kids of dear friends staying with us this week...there are 3 of them. So, this means that during the week I have 8 kids.

Here is the gang at McDonalds. We have been skateboarding and to Disneyland this week...I think a cheap movie theater is next. The really, really great part?... I got to drop off the 5 oldest kids at D-land and leave!!
It's the small things in life, really.