Ambrosia, baby!

This is the best dining experience I've had to date.

You know you are having an out of the ordinary experience when you smile ear-to-ear as you make your way through each course.

Ambrosia is a 5 Star Restaurant located in down-town Santa Ana. It is on the second floor of the OC Pavillion building, and the building itself is a treat, we had a tour and it is an amazing building.

Philippe Antione is the General Manager, and Michael Rossi is the Chef.

Our first dinner here was so amazing, I asked Sky to take me again for my birthday.

Here is a photo of the Ambrosia 'waldorf' salad. The best salad I have ever had. I have decided I could live off this salad. This and a diet coke everyday, I'd be all set.

baby spinach, Gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, winesap apples, lots of onion....are you jealous yet?

We are saving Ambrosia for special occasions,because- the food is so spectacular that we want to order everything, and we don't want to share... We did share the signature shrimp scampi, but only because Sky ordered French Onion soup, so there was enough to go around..and yes, it is the best onion soup he's had, and that is a compliment, because Sky loves French Onion soup and tries it everywhere.

This is Philippe doing the tableside flambeed cognac garlic butter, yeah-baby!

more to come in my next post...