Zen Jen

Thoughts from the yoga studio:

ohh, I really like this studio...nice green color on the walls. I wonder what shade it is? Would that color look good in my bathroom? Or hallway? I don't like the color we painted the hallway, but would Sky be put-out that I want to repaint so soon? That reminds me, I still haven't hung any photos up in the hallway...

oh good, sun salutations...these are my favorites.

Nice small group of ladies here. That red-head looks a lot like our old pediatrician. She was so nice. I miss her. She has 7 kids, not likely to be her, not like she would have the time, successful pediatrician and mother of 7 and all...I should bake some cookies and take them to her office.

I really like the paint in this studio..but oh, look, a crack already on the wall. That would really bug Sky. I wonder why it is there, this being a new building? I wonder if they know it is there?

Okay, stop, stop...concentrate on the breath. Why can't I touch my toes? ohh, I like the way she went into the triangle pose, I've always had a hard time with my left side, it makes sense the way she approached it, so yes..I'm doing it right, I'm just not that flexible on that side for some reason...

oh goody, more sun salutations...I like these. Why did my knee pop? Was that my knee?

Concentrate on the breath. How can I inhale and lunge at the same time? Or is it exhale and lunge? This part has always eluded me.

My feet are cold. I knew I should have gotten my special yoga socks out of my bag.
..But I didn't want to be the freak trying to figure out how to put them on, besides being the freak wearing socks, because no one wears socks in yoga. Would it be really disruptive if I got up and went to the back and got my socks?

..And-then...took them out and tried to figure out how to get them on. No. I'll suffer through.

Concentrate on the breath. I like this class. ohhh, she has a Tibetan singing bowl, very cool.

Breathe. stop thinking.
okay, I acknowledge the thoughts and don't dwell on them and let them go.... breathe.
stop thinking....

oh look, the girl on the right just put on some socks.
My feet are soo cold. I wonder if she has raynaud's syndrome too?

I covet her socks. My feet are really icy. It's wrong to covet. I should pray.
But, is it wrong as a yogi to covet? First do no wrong...it's not like I'm going to go and take her socks...I just wish I had mine on.

my feet are cold. Concentrate on the breath.
my feet are cold.

Thou shall not covet.

I'm going to buddhist hell....no, make that hindi hell...

just ignore the cold feet, rise above it. Stick it out.
How much longer is this class? You know, this kind of defeats the whole relaxing point if you can't wait for it to end, because your feet are cold...

Fine, I'll go get my special yoga socks.

How do you put these on? Oh, wrong foot, big toe goes on other side.
dang my weird, freaky little pinky toes!! I can't get them through the toe-holes. Careful! You don't want to break a pinky toe for the 4 th time, that really, really hurts.

And it's the reason why my toes are freaky looking. Probably.

oh much better. Warm feet. Except my toes.
Better than nothing.

Concentrate on the breath.

oh yea-hhh...that's how you do downward-facing dog...do I rock, or what?! I've got a great downward-facing dog..

Stop thinking.

I hate the corpse pose. It's like this big waste of time. We're not really doing ANYTHING. Can't we at least do a reclining- pigeon pose, because then, you know-we'd be doing something constructive like stretching our hamstrings, not just lying here, doing nothing.
doing nothing.
Now I'm cold all over, not just my feet. Can we just leave now?

"Namaste". I love that word. After "Grace", that is my favorite word. And "Serendipity", that is a top word, too.
Wow, what a great class! I feel great! I think I'll come back next week.

I'll just bring better socks.

Have to call Sky now and tell him I went to yoga class, because you know, I rock now. I'm fit. Or I will be. Lets think positive thoughts.
wait, that's a yoga thing, right?