week in review

First order of business: Moms with little ones at home, you should go read *this letter for mom's over at A Holy Experience blog.
Go on over, read and meditate, you'll be glad you did.

So, how was your week?

This week has found us deep in the study of Ancient Greek myths. Meg, Josie and I are reading Black Ships before Troy, a retelling of the Illiad. (with 3 of us sharing the same library copy, I am wondering if I should go buy a copy...) Meg can't put it down and has asked to read an adult translation of the Illiad...which means I will have to pre-read it, so I guess I will put that down on my list. I took Black Ships before Troy along with Demi and I, for a trip to the Dr. (he had asthma and an ear infection), and I was very pleased that he got into the story...(lots of battles to keep his interest).

I jumped into the world of special needs education and ISP's, I met with Teddy's mom and a special education teacher to discuss how our new charter school might try to help Teddy. I admit I am a little skeptical...he was given hours of help each week last year at a public school and we saw no progression or indication that the time helped him at all. He is progressing with what we are doing, I am not sure this time will be helpful...but I will go with the flow and see what happens. Frankly, it looked like busy work. I will be taking him twice a week for 1 hour meetings with this teacher, at the library and at B & N. I was very encouraged to have the special ed teacher pull out a recommendation for a spelling program...and it was
All about Spelling, which I purchased to use this year with the three youngest students-

We moved into the second half of our Headsprout phonics program with all 3 littles...a benchmark for us, I am so excited to see them reading more. Amie read "Good night moon" to me today at Barnes & Nobles, a really sweet moment- I read that book to my children nightly, it was sweet to have her read it to me.

We are gearing up for our church's semi annual winter training, which is a Bible conference of sorts. We are going to have 7 people stay with us (at last count), so we are beginning the cleaning, planning and airport pick-up coordination. We are so excited to see old friends.

Demi-Sky started piano lessons 2 weeks ago. Today I sat in on his lesson, usually Sky handles the piano lessons. It was very interesting being the spectator, not the teacher with him. The teacher was very patient, Demi did impressively well with his playing;


I was amazed at how he was all over that piano bench. I guess I just don't notice it when I'm doing the teaching. I think trying to re-capture the attention of the 3 littles keeps me from noticing how much they have the wiggles.

This is my week so far. How is yours going?