I'm so busy I forgot what I was going to say

I have been so busy this week, but then again, I'm sure all of you have been really busy, too! We had our annual Bible conference (called the Winter training)-it's a week long conference, kind of a mini-intense-Bible school, and people come from all over the U.S. and from all over the world to attend. We had 7 people stay with us this year. This time, they were all recent Bible college graduates we know through having them in our home for dinners. We had a wonderful time with them, we only have 2 left with us today, but the house is strewn with mattresses and bedding and laundry!!!

Sky's mom hosted a very big surprise birthday party for his grandmother's 90th birthday. Most of the grandmother's children went on to have very large families (Sky is from a family of 7 kids) so we were a very big group, I don't even know how many great-grandchildren were running around. It was really neat to see all of the cousins that we only see every few years. Most of them arrived in time for Christmas Eve, when we enjoy Grandma's home-made tamales...it was really a nice week.

We went ice-skating at a birthday party on Christmas Eve, the kids had a blast, and I even got out there. Meg went on a trail-ride that day.

I have taken lots and lots of photos with my new camera...but I don't know how to upload them yet!! Photos coming soon...as soon as Sky has the time to show me what to do...

It has been unusually cold here in Orange County, a few evenings ago I noticed it was 42 degrees as we were driving back from (where else?...) Barnes & Nobles. For us, this is very cold- I never see it dip lower than the 50's(and that at night). I went out and ran/walked...(more walked) in it, which wasn't bad for only a few minutes and all bundled up, but I am really glad that I do not live where it snows. I'm a wimp, I know...

I just finished reading Guinevere's gift by Nancy McKenzie, which is part of a series. (Meg received the book as a gift and I promptly high-jacked it.) It was really a superior book, very well written and a very good story with very like-able characters. I give it 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Last but not least, how could I forget? Our credit card number was stolen about a week before Christmas!! Someone charged $15,000 on it -in one transaction!! The card company caught it right away and froze our account, we actually spotted a problem a week before with 2 small transactions in another country and called them about it right away.

So, they froze our account...a few weeks before Christmas. We only keep one credit card.

Even though we don't celebrate Christmas, we still do quite a bit of celebrating with the grandparents. I am a procrastinator. You can see where this is going..., I still had most of the gifts I was planning to buy, un-purchased. Since we also usually have a lot of company during that week, and we need to buy an obscene amount of food...we like to keep our checking account unfettered and put the gifts on the card to deal with later. It was all just a little bit messy and very annoying. We ended up taking the gift money out of savings and we will just put it back next month. Which, philosophically is wiser...but it was still annoying.

My new card arrived yesterday...can't wait to break it in (insert evil grin here...)!

Wishing all my bloggy friends much peace and joy this week!