Gifts that keep on giving

This is my nephew E. He arrived at Nana's house lugging a big box in his little arms, and disappeared into a room to make a quick-change into his power-ranger costume (Nana doesn't have a phone booth handy).

"Oh wonderful, we have a super-hero here! Just what I needed, I have some really big boxes I need help with!"

E says, his big eyes very serious..."you do know this is just a costume, so I can't help you with that?"

He has an older brother, who is 5. I told my sister that I suspect they might test as gifted. She looked a tiny bit pleased, but more worried. The part I didn't say was...gifted like Ferris Bueller!

Nana said the brothers routinely call her on the phone to report on some mis-deed by the other brother, that they feel mom is not handling to satisfaction.

They are very wonderful, but very busy...maybe I need to share with my sister the thought about God not giving you more than you can handle...