November doings

Well, I've been spinning my wheels, but not getting much done... I am realizing that all of the taxi-mom driving I am doing is getting to me, and-the house is falling apart.

I've been quiet in blog-land because I was planning on getting a head-start on my Thanksgiving day house-cleaning..uh, but, it's a Jen thing...I've puttered around, but no cleaning has occurred. I'm on a Grace Livinston Hill run right now, so that doesn't help either.

I took the kids for an afternoon at DisneyLand on Monday, we only went on two rides, one of those being the Monorail on the way out of the park! I could not believe how crowded it was! Josie has a cold, and was sort of miserable, so I didn't mind needing to leave.

Sunday night we had our usual Bible college dinner, but we had the sisters over instead. It was a nice change. I've noticed that the brothers come over and just 'hang-out', but the girls like to have some kind of game planned. In this picture they were playing a hand-clap-banging-cups kind of game. They had a rip-roaring time, I just watched...too much thought and coordination involved for me!

I have to tell you that The Teaching Company is having a sale on most of their courses. If you haven't seen their catalog, you should go over and take a look. I have my eye on several courses, but I think I will have to be content with one. So much learning to little time and money!!

And, we rented The Illusionist from netflix, and it was really good. Rated pg-13, there is one scene you will want to forward through if your kids are watching, but the rest was o.k. It is set in Vienna in the early 1900's and is one of those movies you have to work at to figure out. Really well done, I haven't seen a movie I liked as much in a while.

I'll see you bloggy friends, the other side of the holiday!! Happy Thanksgiving, and happy feasting!!