Tron, dead people in walls and cuteness-it's potpourri

Not a lot of blogging going on, mostly because I'm just too busy living it, I guess! I thought I would do a rambling, things-we-are-doing-right-now-post.
The other night we rented "Tron" from netflix and had a family movie night. You know, decades later, it's still a pretty good flick. Sometimes we rent something we remember enjoying when we were young..sometimes it works out, and sometimes it proves to be way too cheesy then we remembered. This one was a hit with everyone.

This week we are covering Ancient China in our history studies. I read The Great Wall of China to the kids, and then they colored a picture of the wall from the Story of the World Vol. 1 activity guide
(I just looove that book, it saves my hide when I am looking for something to cement our learning-or when I am looking for a map to color that is not too complicated...)

Anyways, here are the rug-rats working hard.

Great bed-head look on Demi, don't you think?

Here is Amie's color sheet.

I had to ban the kids from including any dead bodies in the wall...the two 8 year old boys in particular latched onto that little factoid with too much gusto. Boys....

I took Amie for a nature walk the other evening. I walk pretty regularly for exercise, and Amie asks to go. I usually have to tell her 'no', because the mile plus would be too much for her, as would my pace (especially if I um, actually, you know- 'ran', like I aim could happen, guys!)

So, I took her out for a rambling kind of walk. We had a really good time.

I'm prejudiced, I know, but I think she is really cute!