sweetie, don't throw the horses

Meg was working at the stables last week, doing a pretty routine chore; cleaning out the horses hooves with a pick. A routine job rendered a little tedious that day after doing it to several horses.Some of the horses had a little fun with Meg by pulling their feet out of her hands, shuffling their feet and just not cooperating real well.

The last horse of the day pulled the same stunt. It was the end of a hot, long day...and Meg was out of patience...so she held on to the foot, refused to let go...and even tugged a little back.

Next thing she knew, there was a cloud of dust and the horse was laying on the ground at her feet.

She was still holding his foot.

I guess you learn something new everyday...I did not know you could judo-throw a horse!

Last week we had a heat wave. Here's a factoid we learned: the pods of a wisteria vine will pop and explode in the heat.

It was interesting to listen to all the popping noises out in the backyard.

I just finished re-reading Jane Austen in Scarsdale, it is a modern re-telling of Persuasion ( which is one of my top 2 favorite Jane Austen books)- this story was a sweet read- I recommend it.

Josie just finished Brisingr, she said it was better than Eragon, which I found hard to believe, but now I am intrigued and I will have to read it now. I'll report back.