Snapshot -a day in the life of a homeschool family

Our days as a homeschool family are rarely 'typical'. Many days have a familiar pattern, but our days ebb and flow and change.

I thought I would give you a "snapshot" of what our day on Tuesday was like.

We begin our school-work at 9 each day- bright shiny faces at the table already dressed/brushed/washed and breakfasted. They also do some goofing-off while I am showering/dressing and breakfasting... (and's 10 on some really bad days). On a good day we start with "circle time" which is cozy on the coach and includes some, or all- of Bible reading, Character story, history vocab words and Latin/Greek root words..(never all listed here, but a few). On a not-so-good day, we skip circle time and start at the table.

This Tuesday we headed straight to the table, where we hunker down and do the meat and potatoes of our home-school day. We tackled Math for all 5 kids, cursive handwriting for the youngest 4, a numbers writing page for the youngest 3 and the older 2 girls did their Grammar and started the dreaded daily Math review page for the day. We then took a 15 minute snack/play break. The 3 littles headed out to the treehouse. The 2 older students kept working and I helped them with the Math.

I called the younger kids inside when break-time was over and we
worked on our Latin/Greek word for the week- reviewing it, the definition and derivatives and then I asked them about last week's word.
I had to stop here and make lunches and then leave to take Meg to violin lesson.

We came back and I grabbed Teddy and sent him to the computer for Phonics, letting the other 2 continue playing.

I directed Meg (13) and Josie (11) to the family room where I started the dvd for Latin for Children primer A- which we watched together.

After we were through viewing it, re-playing the chants several times, and discussing it...the girls went to the table and worked from the workbook for the first chapter. They were then free to do whatever they liked, which usually is free-reading-but they also have assignments for history reading they can work on.

The kids played, I switched Teddy at the computer for Amie and then Demi for Phonics. Then we jumped into the van and headed for the library. I played the lesson for Songschool Latin in the van, over and over. (It's very cute and very catchy)

*sidenote- what could be cuter than your 6 year old singing Latin with a lisp? Suddenly, there are "w's" least the sound of-even if the letter is nowhere to be found...

We came home, the 3 littles worked on the workbook page for Latin, and then they continued with their play. It's a continuing play that has overtaken my front living room for several weeks now...and consists of hundreds of playmobil pieces like this here...

Sky was now home, and he corralled the kids at the table for a science experiment. This was our second experiment from Noeo Science. The first experiment from last week did not work out very well. This week's did not work out either. Sky and the kids had fun, though.

The kids then went outside to play with neighbor kids, riding scooters and bikes.

So, that is a snapshot of a day in our homeschool.

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