A Post

This is a post, you see...about a post.

A cat-tree post, to be precise.

I had planned to call this post,
"Behold, the cat-tree" , but Sky came up with a title more clever.
I've mentioned before that our cat, Oliver, believes our children to be his litter-mates. He sleeps with them, which was cute...until we moved the girls up into their new sleeping loft

I doubted this would fit...

-which right now has a temporary ladder, which Oliver cannot navigate. He was very upset...and then after some difficulty assisting him up and down, he was quite "put out". Sky got a kick, watching him flounce out of the house with his ears laid back, as it were- shaking the dust off his feet on the way out. Cats do not like things changed in their house. And, they do not like noise. We've had quite a bit out all that, with the construction.

Oh, ye of little faith and geometry skills

Sky decided the bring peace back to his house by building a cat tree. Not just a cat tree...but one that would reach up to the loft, so Oliver could climb both up and down at his pleasure.

Nothing he purposes should surprise me.
He continues to amaze me.

And, I was surprised he has such a soft-spot for the cat. He is not a pet person and once remarked, after the cat had unknowingly to Sky, fallen asleep on his legs...and Sky woke up in the morning and without fore-malice flung the cat across the room into a wall...his remark was, "You know it's going to be a great day when you've flung the cat into a wall!"

Behold, the cat-tree!

My husband is amazing.

The construction on the wall is built-in bookshelves and a window seat he is working on.

Can you keep a secret?

Sky is fond of the cat. And, he talks to him.