lap pets

Friday we went to the stables for a riding lesson for Meg. This little barn cat loves a nice lap
for a nap... as soon as she spots a likely candidate, she hurries on over and makes herself comfortable.

I snapped this view of her, while she was sleeping in my lap. It's funny that she so loves a lap, living out in the stables the way she does...

After a few minutes of kitty-snoozing, I peeked over the top of my book to see this big fellow
at my knee and looking very intently at the empty spot next to me on the bench...

I wasn't sure if he was looking at the spot next to me, or if he was deciding to jump up on my lap, too.

He is bigger then most dogs, and just heading out of an ugly molt...I really didn't want to entertain a lap-turkey.

"Shoo there, Turkey!"