Disney Schooling

Wednesday was a not-back-to-school-
Disneyland homeschool-day of un-official sorts.

Homeschoolers sported tie-dyed shirts so we could spot each-other, and there was a big group photo. (I'll post it as soon as I have a copy).

My sister-in-law and her boys joined us for a day of fun at the parks. Boy did we do a lot of walking!

Josie and Demi by the castle

The little kids were in the Jedi-training show, they were so excited and are still talking about it.

Amie and Demi-Sky hung their certificates up in their bedrooms...how cute is that?

It is a darling, exciting show...did I just use those two words together??

Amie faced Darth Vador

she let him live, this time...

all in all, a very satisfying day of homeschool.

(I think I am envy-ing my children their childhood...)