America needs a 12-step program

September 17th was Constitution day, and I was planning on doing something in our little homeschool to celebrate our amazing, unique national document.

Watching the current bail-outs unfold, my heart died a little...and I just couldn't do it. Could I sing "We the people" with my kids the week I watch an un-elected official commit to spend billions of our money? I'm sorry, but as I flipped through a copy of the constitution...I didn't see anything about the Fed having authority to spend the taxpayer's money or to raise taxes.

And now this week, oh goody- Congress is finally getting involved...and making the bail-out a great big trash- can to throw in commercial debt, bad auto loans and credit card debt. Congress doing what it does best I guess, adding pork to any bill that crosses their desk.

I try not to get political on the blawg, but I am just so disgusted. Congress just needs to go home.

I did not follow Ron Paul at all, we don't watch t.v. news...but wasn't anyone in Washington listening?? This is a pretty good interview, the first time we watched Glenn Beck, and this made us a big fan. I'm wondering, is congress handing out cake, too?

* America needs a 12 step program article f
rom Glenn Beck, worth a click over, I think.

We don't watch television, we use it mostly to dvr Monk, and so Amie can watch Noggin or Between the Lions, or lately we've been dvr-ing "Liberty kids" on history channel...

Anyway, we happened to have a news show on last week as the financial blow-up began, and we stumbled onto Glenn Beck somehow. He's got some interesting thoughts, and he's saying some things I'm not hearing on the I the last person in America to know who he is??
Just wondering...