day out with Josie

We spent the week Meg was at camp, doing some special things with Josie- such as going to a movie, out to dinner and lunch, Borders bookstore- stuff she likes to do.

One special thing Josie likes to do, is go to
Color Me's a 'paint your own ceramics' type of store. At the store, you pick out an unfinished ceramic piece, paint it and leave it there to be fired. It's a fun, different kind of thing to do.

The last 3 years that Meg has gone to horse camp, Josie has chosen to go to Color me Mine with me.

She's pretty creative.
She drew this bird herself.

Here is the plate, ready to be fired.

Here is the mug I worked's for my friend, Starlene- you know, the one who just moved to Singapore. (Chronicled here*)

The back side says "Bagel Wednesday".

That is me on the left... I drew my good side, and I took 10 lbs off too....

Artistic license, it's a good thing.