Links to note:

"Has your teacher ever tried to teach you something you don't need to know, like, where to find Europe on a map? Then your teacher is an elitist."

Just because he (Colbert) is so darn funny...and as a public service: Here you go-

*Natural hair vinegar rinses- for a very frugal and probably better rinse for your hair, check out this site, they seem to have some very nice soaps, too.

*Chocolate, it's what's in you facial - Chocolate facial: recipe and a 'how-to' video...this is my kind of cooking.

*These must be "Some Chocolate-chip cookies"! Do you sense a theme starting? This article intrigued me, as did the link to a chocolate chip cookie recipe the author pronounced the best looks more complicated then I like, but I think I have to try this now...

these cookies are sufficiently good that I half-expect to see the words “SOME COOKIES” appear, written in spider silk, in one of the corners of our kitchen. They really are some cookies.

do we need any more urging, really? Report back blog-friends-if you try these...