it's madness, but in a good way...

This week our house has been a crazy place...but also a very good place to be. For some of my new blog friends, I will share with you what "The summer training" is like.

Twice a year, our church holds a week long Bible conference of sorts, in winter and summer. People come from all over the world to attend- with something like 3,000 people in the main conference center and then more in meeting halls all over the world watching via satellite. This week we have 13 people staying with us for the week- and we had 4 extra for 2 days before it all started...(and 5 to 10 extra for lunches, some days) I kind of had trouble at first knowing who was coming and going- and exactly how many people we had. This is in addition to the six of us. We have 2's a little rough at times.

And yet, it is so much fun- and a great time to dig deep into God's word. We have people staying with us from Canada, western and eastern Washington state, Boston and Texas. Most are old friends, but we have a new family with us this year, too.

At the conference, we have to be in our seats before 4 p.m everyday, and it ends around 9:30 p.m. We have a dinner break, most bring a sack lunch. Our days run sort of like this...breakfast at 8 am, clean up and then study time- because we get a list of questions the night before- and when we get to the next meeting, they will start with calling sections of seats up to the front to answer the questions and to go through the main points. It's kind of like Charlotte Mason type narration -for you homeschoolers out will know what I mean. God's word is meant to be spoken and shared, He is the word- and the more we speak it, the more we own it... and usually, as you are sharing, you gain more insight into what you are speaking about...

After study time we have lunch and clean-up, then it is supposed to be rest time (unless you have 11 or so kids running around...then not so much rest for some of us. Then we begin making and packing dinners to take to the meeting. The moms and dads of young kids at our house are taking turns going to the meetings, the dads all go one night and the moms stay home with the kids- the moms go the next night. It works out well, and we have time for fellowship and fun with the little ones.

The horde wander in around 10 pm or later...and then we all talk, share what was spoken at the meeting, snack and check emails, then lights out between 11 and 12.

This week the subject is the Gospel of Luke. I'll share more about some really good points, later- if I get the chance.

So, this is what my week has been like...and why I haven't been around blog-land...
hope you are having a blessed week, too!