Hello mudder, hello fadduh,

Hello mudder, hello fadduh,

here I am at camp Granada. Camp is very entertaining. and they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining....

Meg sent us a "Camp Granada" letter of sorts, here it is:

Hello everyone,

I’m having a blast here! There are some really fun girls here. Most of them are thirteen and are really nice. There aren’t many girls here, so I don’t have to share a horse. I didn’t pass the test to go to the third level, so I was put into the “learning to trot” group
☹ anyway, the horse I get to take care of is Hank- (he doesn’t act like Hank the cowdog). He is a red chestnut and he is very easy to control. We did archery, I wasn’t really good, but I wasn’t awful either. It was fun. We did a three-legged race, we got in 3rd. We did drilling practice on foot (drilling is like dancing in formation with your horse). It was hot and there was no shade and the dirt is really dusty and dry, so that didn’t help. I died several times. The counselors say that most girls “die” on Monday.

The hills will be the death of me.

See you later (If I’m not dead)

Lots of love,