California homeschool case- what's new

Still waiting here in Ca for a decision in the Rachel L case. Tammy wrote about a new development in the case, and about what it could mean for the homeschool community *go here, to read it.

Principled Discovery wrote about our reaction to fear in the homeschool community here,
Homeschool Threat level, Orange...

and finally, The Yale Law Journal- "Home schooling" in California. Actually, some good points, but the end opinion that Homeschooling should be legal in California with school district approval makes my hair stand on end. Such things might work in some states, but California public school institutions have (in my opinion) a hostile view towards homeschooling and/or alternative school choice. Here in California, school districts will not allow homeschoolers to join school programs such as sports or band- things homeschoolers in other states can do and it has become very difficult to open new charter schools here. It's long been known not to send registration to Los Angeles school district, because they do not believe homeschooling to be legal- though you can send it to the state. Having school districts approve your homeschool could be a huge conflict of interest issue- in my opinion.
(Hat tip to Melissa Wiley)

We are just business as usual- learning marches on...