blog slow-down

I've got a lot of homeschool wrapping-up to do, and a lot of paperwork/records to catch up on...just in case you are wondering where I am- things will be a little slow around this blog for the next week I am thinking.

I have a lot to talk about too, really not a good time to be too busy to blog...

like- my best friend moving to Singapore;

like my youngest deciding to learn to ride a bike in one afternoon, because her brother learned;

or about how one should not decide to throw in squats into one's new exercise routine the morning before heading to Disneyland for 5 hours...just saying. It was a severe and painful tactical error, I'll -ahem, not be repeating.

I was strung out on advil with my feet up that night, so no blogging.

see you around the blogosphere soon, internets....