Overheard at home

Demi: (running into the house to look for his swim-trunks)

..."Mommm, WHERE'S my super-suit?!!"

Mom: (said with a southern drawl) "Hunny, I AM your super-suit!"

Demi: laughing his head off at himself and me

I was so impressed that he pulled off saying it just like in the movie, it's really fun when your little ones move beyond the knock-knock jokes that make no sense, to actually being funny in a clever way.

Conversation overheard between Meg and Josie...

Josie: "that was really funny at the airport when you asked the man at the exchange counter if he had any common-sense to trade for your United States coins..."

Meg: "yeah, that was fun to do...but it would have been even funnier if he had got the joke."

homeschool nerd humor I guess... Background story- when the girls traveled to Washington State with Sky, Meg went up to the exchange counter in the airport- where you can exchange currency and with a straight face asked him for "common sense".