Homeschooling with Grace and tough- love

I ran across this article today

Top 10 benefits of homeschooling with grace...go on over and read it, you will be glad you did.

Funny that I read this today, because this week Sky and I are struggling with sides of grace and law in our homeschool. I can't really share it all here, but let me say that we would covet your prayers for our new student Teddy (the name I will give him here on the blog). We offered to homeschool Teddy, because we realized we were watching an educational train wreck in progress-and that Teddy needed saving. The problem, what do you do with a boy who doesn't realize he needs saving? Last week Teddy dealt the big hand in his deck of cards, he refused to come here. How do you homeschool a boy who is not here?

Today we used the only tool we have, as non-parents- we pulled skatepark day from him. The rule is you have to come to school everyday and do your best, or no fun days such as skatepark, Disneyland and Barnes & Nobles.

it was hard to do, because I just want to be grace.

Please pray for Teddy this week, blogfriends.