it's like nobody is here...

Well, if I close my eyes- it's like the bloggy-world does not exist...

My- oh -my!, first I am without internet connection for almost 2 weeks (eeekk!!)
and then, I get sick.

I flinched when I opened my bloglines account today, most of the blogs had numbers like 22 or 30 new posts....I have a lot of catching up to do, and I am so busy! Things do get a little quiet around here when I have homeschool records due (which I have right now...)

Some days, I just don't feel like homeschooling- and after being sick, it is doubly so. I've had a real hard time getting back into the swing of things this week. Usually, when we are sick, you can still squeeze in a few subjects each day- but I was so sick, we took 2 days completely off.

On to a new topic; we were so happy to look out our big front window and see these:
a pair of Band-tailed pigeons. My bird guide says "The big wild pigeon of the west may be common all year on the Pacific seaboard, in oak woods, pines, foothills." Well, notice it didn't say large Southern Californian cities. We happen to be favored with these birds because of the mature oak trees in our neighborhood, they eat acorns. These are not your run of the mill pigeons...they are larger, more colorful and have yellow feet and bills...not red like most pigeons. We are visited by a more noble class of bird here friends. We were very excited to see this pair in our front yard, because they seemed to have disappeared after a large flock of common pigeons took of the neighborhood. They have the white band on the neck, and also one on the tail..though I didn't capture it in this photo.

So glad to be back, bloggy friends.

we're still homeschool arrests yet to report...