Random blogging

More skater shots...this looks way more skilled then it was in reality, yet it did stop my heart for a second there...

This was our second week of skater phys-ed, we went on a different day of the week..and our two boys (Demi-Sky and his cousin) had the skate park to themselves!

I know it is probably hard for those in other parts of the country to fathom, but it was 80 degrees here yesterday and today.

Yesterday I was inspired to clean off our front patio and wash the front windows. I think spring cleaning was in the air...

I haven't been able to attempt anything like that for a year or two now. I am really feeling much, much better now that the iron pills are kicking in and doing their thing, because, you know- red blood cells are good, blood volume is good, too- and so is oxygen being carried to all the cells in your body. Just a little thing, really.

I was amazed at the job I did on the porch and windows...but, irony abounds in Jen's world-didn't you know? I felt pumped with energy, but by the time I quit I was out of breath and wheezing from asthma. It's just a party with me lately. I had a case of hives Friday night and Saturday, too.

I'm kind of going with a plague theme here.

And I couldn't take any benadryl the first night, because I was alone with the kids and only had adult capsules...which with my low blood volume would have knocked me out. I finally scored some children's benadryl Saturday evening when I could no longer stand the itching. Hive-less is actually refreshing once you experience it again.

I think I have invented Barnes & Nobles -schooling. We went back tonight, after taking a weekend break...don't want attract too much notice, sinister mom-type that I am...
I've got a new technique with the homeschooling...go on into B & N, snag the low kid's table up in the children's area...do a few reading lessons with our Phonics Pathways book...then go and buy some hot chocolate for the littles and a mocha for me...then read aloud a few books that will fit into literature studies and history or social studies...write them down. Just mixing it up a little... (and the library doesn't serve mochas)

I sat with Amie and read "Goodnight Moon" to her. I can recite it, it was the book I cuddled my babies to right before bed, every night. I guess maybe the tradition was more sporadic with Amie, because she didn't really remember it. I read it to her tonight and misted over, being a mom is so sweet sometimes.

Finally, I have to tell you that Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels are the bomb.
And, addicting.
Chocolate, carbohydrates and salt- it's the perfect food!
The only way to improve it would be to use dark chocolate.
I'm going to have to go back and get a second bag. Just saying.

Here's my wild child.

Don't ever change, sweetie.