Today we met up with the cousins to let Demi and cousin J spend a few hours at the local skate-park. This was Demi's first ever trip to a skate-park. He was a little hesitant, he wanted me to walk him out (how long will that last?), which was not allowed, but a very nice teen walked him out. The bigger boys all seemed very nice and encouraging to the little guys.

Demi is not a very experienced skateboarder, I held my breath alot watching him try things. I was very proud of him being so willing to take a chance and go for it.

The park is actually a big place, here you can see how little the boys seemed.

I don't know about other home-schoolers, but for me, finding p.e. activities on a regular basis is challenging. I mean, I could send them out to walk a track for 30 minutes like I remember doing for most of my school years...but that seems kind of pointless. I dislike pointless drudgery.

well, today was a hit, I think we will be doing this weekly!