Homeschool Open House- Daily Math Practice

Again, I am opening up my homeschool closet to share my curricula-abundance with my fellow curricula-junkies, and with any new home-school moms treading the waters for the first time.

This gem of a find is published by Evan-Moor and part of a series covering several different subjects. I picked up
Daily Math Practice for Meg and Josie. We are currently using Math U See, and we are pleased with it...and yet I was a little worried the girls would forget facts learned in previous years and perhaps not learn any new facts that might show up on our yearly standardized testing.

Daily Math Practice is a painless way to add a little bit of review into your student's day. Each week you get 5 problems for each day and a little progress chart to track work done. I think the 5 problems is just enough, considering the girls have already tackled their Math U See work for the day.

It's a good thing, and- I picked it up at Barnes & Nobles with my educator's discount...very cool.