The case of the sinister mom-types

I went on a mom field-trip of sorts with Gracefulmom this evening. Oh, because we are mad that way-sitting in a restaurant with 4 kids (2 hers, 2 mine) 8 and under is potentially barely mind-numbingly painful enough to almost cancel out the benefits of adult company and conversation- but only barely. A whole 'nother layer to the definition of
Desperate Housewives...

Truthfully though, I do have to give credit where credit is due- and they are better behaved as they grow older and we can now have a good time, and I can actually report that no drinks were spilled, no merchandise displays were knocked over, no fire alarm pulls uh, pulled. (yes, been there, done that- almost!)

The game plan was a dinner full of carbohydrates (drug of the gods) and then on to
Barnes & Nobles for mochas, hot chocolate and books.

I don't know exactly when, but somewhere about half into our few hours-long visit....I noticed a rather large guy type employee off to the side in the children's department watching us very intently. I kind of thought maybe our 3 youngest were being a little too loud and enthusiastic over on the mini-stage where they were playing with a very cute toddler. So, after trying to shush those who know not how to whisper...we corralled them in, having them sit and -uh, look at books. We were still watched intently for a good half hour as Gracefulmom and I read 2 or 3 books out-loud to the kids. He was making me really nervous, like I should feel guilty or something.

Well, the kids had not spilled anything...drinks and books were not in dangerous closeness, books were neatly stacked on our table- I really couldn't find anything wrong with ourselves...

At one point while the kids were busy listening to Gracefulmom read, I moved off to look at some French books and flashcards. I noticed that the employee had followed me some and was watching me eagle eyed- and with a sudden jolt I wondered if he thought I was a shoplifter! I think that was the look he had, or one of watching for some kind of mischief.

I'm really puzzled as to what kind of trouble two thirty-something mom-types with little kids are going to get into. Gasp, maybe not shelve our books back properly?? I am really stumped over this, we visit this store frequently, and I always make a point to have the kids put back any books they are looking at, and to be gentle with the books.
I always buy at least drinks, and most of the time I make a purchase or several...which I did tonight for my nephews. I'm really at a loss, and kind of ticked too.

Maybe I should have come up with a witty remark, like "I used to work in a bookstore too, and just think- ten years from now this could be you, here doing herd control of four kids!!" or "Don't you have some book store employee things to do?" or, I'm good here, I think I have it...books on shelves, read books, put them can go do something else now..."

So, what do you think, do I look like trouble?