Winter painting

Demi-Sky made this watercolor in art class. I really love this. It has shimmering/white glitter on the snow too, you can't see it in the photo. The boy is all boy, yet he has a sweet side too. He is a boy of contrasts who will pause from swordplay (complete with sound effects) to listen to "The four seasons" - which he has always called "butterfly music".

Demi's top 3 ipod picks:
  • Get ready for surrender-Billy Idol
  • "Chicken cherry cola"-Chica cherry cola-unknown
  • Breathless-the Corrs

On a side-note, did you know that Explode the code (phonics workbooks) are online?
go here to see it in action*
Unfortunately, a side-effect of my brain waking up from my anemia fog is a renewing of my consuming curricula-lust and my search for the perfect educational plan...