The anemia diaries part 2

Well, I've been on iron pills for a few weeks now, I think it's almost 3 weeks. I'm taking 2 iron pills a day plus a prenatal vitamin that has iron. I went in for more lab tests a week after my Dr. visit, a week later because I got the flu or something, and then asthma. (the fun never stops around here).

I've also allowed myself to nap now when I get overpoweringly tired. I am feeling much better, and I've seen some improvement in my thinking abilities.
After the first week on iron pills I stopped asking Sky -4 or 5 times in a row if he had locked up the hens each night.

I think I am thinking better...and yet I have a fear that it is all somehow me, and that my scattered-ness will not ever go away..maybe I am just an airhead!

I was talking to Meg's violin teacher a week or two ago about this, because I had gone to the lesson 15 minutes late- thinking I was early!! (not unheard of in Jen's world) -and she mentioned that a few years ago she had been anemic and had taken iron pills...I came home really depressed, because as she was telling me this, I was searching my mind for a time when she was scattered, or forgot lessons or other things I do- and I couldn't come up with anything, and I've known her for many years.
I had this panicky feeling that maybe it's just me and not the anemia at all.

On the positive side,I have noticed that my lack of balance is gone, and this horrible sense of extreme dizzyness in the dark- that is gone. My Dr. also gave me a prescription for my Raynaud's syndrome...I'm not real sure how I feel about taking medication for it... I'm going to have to google the medication after I get it filled (and can actually read the name...of course I can't read what he wrote!).

My interest in educating my offspring had perked...I am thinking seriously about adding to our studies, looking around for workbooks and whatnot to round us out. This was not happening much of this year, I was having a hard time getting out of bed before 10...After our homeschool open house things degenerated into survival mode- mostly math, some language arts, and handwriting were the things I clung to and purposed to get done, anything else was hit and miss and icing on the cake.
Intestinal issues are still undecided...I'm trying to not take the softeners very often and eating dried apricots but that is not going well. My default ambiguity gets me into trouble much of the time...

well, after all this rambling about me... I will tell you,
- go get a physical moms, you really can't afford not to.