season's happenings

My oh my, it's a whirl-wind around these parts! Bloggy friends, I've got to tell you that the posts are going to be a little few and far between for the next week- and I am sooo behind on my blog reading...I promise to catch up on all of you soon!

This is the week for our annual winter Bible conference- known as the Winter training. This week we have 6 people staying with us, with two more arriving on Saturday. No foreign visitors this year, so we are not doing so much driving around- but...lots of fellowship, fun, food and Bible study going on around here!

I have to highly, 4 star recommend the peppermint Joe-Joe's brownie recipe that
OC Mom posted over at her blog, -brownie recipe *here***
This recipe showcases the ever popular and much in demand candy-cane Joe-Joe's of
Trader Jo's -fame. I am a boxed-brownie kind of girl, but my-oh-my...this recipe is totally worth the extra bit of effort! I have to tell you that I made these brownies to take to an Irish party and of OC Mom baked some too!

Finally, and very close to my heart- could you please lift up my mom and step-dad up in prayer this week? My step-dad underwent a triple heart bypass surgery today (Wednesday)- on very short notice. My step-dad's name is Mike.
There is just so much going on all in one week.

But hey, asthma and no vomiting. As of yet.

And our bathroom remodel was finished just in time for guests!!

gotta look for the silver lining!