Quick notes

Here is our official toilet- paper-cutting- ceremony for our remodeled bathroom.


And here is a shot of late night fooz-ball happening after the meetings.

Caffeine...the gift that keeps on giving...it takes a while for everyone to wind down once we all get home for the night.

Late, late nights around here. And then it is up for breakfast and after breakfast it is study time, because they actually will quiz people before each session. I've never been quizzed yet, but the thought of standing up before almost 4,000 people live and having to answer deep theological questions kind of does something to me.

It's mortal fear, people.

Tonight is the last night of the training, then things will get back to normal. If that really ever happens...

Our last 2 guests arrived yesterday, and one of them is a baby- it's so neat to have a baby around to hold. The best part though is that I don't have to get up with him at night!!!

keeping it real, bloggy friends, just keeping it real...

so how was your week?