Bathroom remodel- progress

I had a few questions about how the remodel is going, so- I thought I would show you.

Sky took the room back to the studs -and- he took out the ceiling and vaulted it. Very cool, my husband is so talented! He had to move plumbing, electrical stuff and move the heating vent...he really can do just about anything he puts his mind to do.

Here is a shot of the plumbing work he did for the tub and shower. It's a little out of focus, sorry. We have a raised foundation, but not a basement, it's a crawl space. Sky and my Dad spent several days crawling around under the house doing whatever it is you need to do to move pipes around.

We have had a big headache over the tub, it took over a month for the store to get it in and then we brought it home, it sat for a few weeks while Sky worked on all the remodel stuff- and then he finally opened it up and realized it was the wrong tub. The store ordered a new one, but we were getting very nervous about how long it would take to get in, we are having 8 to 11 people staying with us for a winter Bible conference. We can't do that with only one small bathroom!! The tub came in rather quickly, but it was
again, the wrong one!! We decided to work with what we have,
it will only change the tile work around the tub...

And here is what the bathroom looks like right now, the
drywall is up, the taping is done and Sky has started
mudding. He took one weekend to take down much of the
drywall he had installed so he could put up wood behind
the drywall so we could hang towel racks and the shower rod. This is something he learned from his dad...make everything very sturdy....though his dad would have reinforced the whole room, not just certain spots....his house will be the last one standing in Orange County if the 'big one' hits. -Did you spot the new window? Our house was built in the 50's, this is the only window now in the whole house that doesn't let in drafts...

If you want to see the 'before' photos, click *here* for the before shots, and *here* for work in progress.
I really, really cannot wait till it is done! I have to go pick out paint colors now.