Sushi, anyone?

So, what did you do Tuesday?

My Tuesday looked like this; get up and dressed, start school, decide that guinea pig is sick and needs to see a vet- call around trying to find one that will see a guinea pig. Find one in Newport Beach, if you can get there in 30 minutes- before lunch, they will see you- or take an appointment later in the day (note: when your day becomes hopelessly complicated).
We rushed on down.
On the way home, turn van around and drive back because son left his stuffed toy in the waiting room.

Too much money later, I am force-feeding a guinea pig and administering 4 kinds of medicine twice a day. Party on..

Next: throw the kids some late lunch and launch off to art lessons. While olders at lesson, take youngers and do some frantic shopping for nice dinner you were planning for Grandmother's Birthday dinner. Note to self: no good plan ever goes unpunished when you are a mom. Got it? Good.

Go to store for expensive pre-made chicken cordon blue (because I'm smart like that and I knew my day would be busy) and to Trader Joe's for pre-packaged yummy salad. Put them in cooler I brought, cause I'm smart like that....
Pick up older girls and get home and actually eat my lunch after getting taken down several pegs for the guinea pig thing...yeah.

Remember!!! oh- forgot about Amie's Irish dance lesson! Jet on down to that. While waiting go get gas for the van.
Come home and start making homemade present that I dreamed up a week and a half ago, but didn't get the ingredients for until the day before.
Start dinner.
Congratulate self that even though I spent a good chunk of change for the chicken, it will be a nice, yummy dinner and pretty easy to prepare- I simply place the chicken into the oven to bake, toss salad and make some rice. Breath. Tell self, things are going to be o.k., you can finally take everything down a notch....
Mix cake and place in pan to pop into oven as soon as chicken comes out.
Wrap presents and have kids sign cards.
Bless husband for cleaning up house while you were at dance lesson. (when this all began at 11 something this morning- you left the usual disorder plus a huge, gigantic couch-pillow/ blanket fort in the front room ala the two youngers...

You'll love this part: 30 minutes before dinner is supposed to be ready, power goes out.
My oven is electric.

take 4 kids and Grandparents out to dinner.

Planning is it's own punishment.
Dinner out would have been easier, you think I would have learned by now and just gone with the obviously easier route.

I learn my lessons the hard way.

Sushi, anyone?