Secret Ambition

Last night I took Amie to visit an Irish dance class, to see if she would be interested in learning. Let me re-phrase that- she was very interested in any kind of dancing, I just thought it was the responsible-mom role to visit first and make sure she would like the whole set-up.

Amie loves to dance, she is for sure our princess/ballerina girl. Lately, though, I've noticed some Elaine-ish technique creeping into her act. *click here* to see what I mean... I figure now is the time to direct her enthusiasm into artistic avenues. It was the cutest class, Irish dancing is very genteel looking, and very athletic. And the music is great. Amie ended up actually being in the class this visit.
I decided we need to work this week on "right" and "left" before we go back.
I noticed the lack of boys in the class, only one and a new 5 year old having his first class. There seems to be less boys in general in dance, like *this Irish clip*...I immediately thought of our boy, he'd be so cute in such a class and would be something special, right away, just for showing up! I don't think husband will see it that way, I think he is thinking more in the lines of roller hockey... gosh, it would be so cute though.

She is now in the class, I will post a video sometime after she gets beyond normal skipping- and the whole "right foot", "left foot" thing.