I'll take a side of squash with that...

I was at the grocery store the other night, picking up some salad fixings (that part kind of becomes relevant to my story later on, who knew?!) and I don't know what else for all the bible college boys coming to dinner. The cashier was very obviously new to the job, -envision long line and lots of questions thrown about.

At one point he held up a bag of squash into the air and asked the next cashier to tell him what it was. "squash". Minutes later he held up another bag and asked for help, the customer informed him it was "yellow squash".

It's not unheard of really, to think that one could grow up in the United States and not be able to identify many common vegetables. In a land where french fries make up our vegetable serving for the day and ketchup is considered a vegetable in school lunches, it's not too surprising.

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