aebleskivers, it's what's for dinner...

Can you guess where we took the kids last week?
Um, no...not Denmark, that would be way expensive.

We chose a much closer substitute, only 3 hours away, much
more easy on the budget...
-we went to Solvang, Ca!

We pretty much ate our way thru Solvang, it's
just what we do best...

First on the snack agenda were aebleskivers, yum!

Our second night in town we went to A.J. Spurs for some
serious steak and ribs. You know when your filet mignon slices
like warm butter?? ...yeah, just like that....

We walked around the very cute Danish town, visited shops, relaxed
at the timeshare... Animal Planet 24/7- oh my!!! Seriously, a very big
treat for kids who do not watch t.v.

We took a very gentle, beautiful 10 minute hike to visit this waterfall.

Sky took some great pics of the kids at the lake, they had
several adventures...

I have an awesome husband!! You all are going to agree when I tell you what he did. He took all 4 kids out camping at a near-by lake and left me home alone to hold the fort down at the
time-share/condo-type place. Did I mention it had cable? And that he paid extra for an internet connection for me?

I wish I could say I did some serious, thoughtful blogging- uh, but I didn't.
I did do some serious girl-type unwinding.

First, I wandered the cutesy shops...then I ordered a nice sandwich for dinner ( I love a good sandwich) and then I spent a very long time browsing the corner bookstore, picked up a
Meg Cabot novel..then went and bought some *truffles*, oh my!!

I realized what a walking cliche I was as I set my book on the counter to pay for my truffles...
and paused to savor the ridiculous moment...
Dignity is really only a form or vain-glory, now- isn't it?? I stayed up way too late watching
a few sitcoms and HGTV, catching up on all my blog reading, and sad to say, I just about polished off the novel in one sitting. I finally went to bed, leaving 3 chapters to enjoy in
the morning. ...the gloriously late, un-rushed morning.

I welcomed my seasoned, ripe campers back late the next
afternoon. And, what else? Started some laundry!
I missed my guys... and yet, I was glad to miss out on the freezing-my- tootsie- off -sleeping- on- the- floor-experience...
didn't miss that part a bit! Oh, and the skunks and raccoons that kept trying to get into the tent, nope, didn't regret that part either!

Our last day in town we visited a miniature horse farm.
QuickSilver miniature horse Ranch link *here*
Meg has wanted one of these for her very own for so long. We just are not zoned for it. They are miniature *horses*, not *ponies*..about the size of a large dog. Just the cutest things you have ever laid eyes on.

It was a nice trip, a little bit of something for everyone, I would say.
We are always so glad to come home, though.