the possibilities

Yesterday was the first day of learning center classes for my kids. Amie has been eagerly looking forward to attending since last year. This fall, all 4 of my kids are taking 2 classes plus lunch- one day a week. Amie very seriously considered her wardrobe choices. After I vetoed the heavy cheetah print coat, she choose this cheetah print shirt with brown pants. "So everyone will know I'm a cheetah-girl." she informed me.

I dropped the kids off in the morning, and as I left the building and crossed the street- I had such a strange feeling as I realized it was the first time ever that I had left that building and crossed the street without holding on to a small hand or two. I kind of felt a little sad. -just a little. Until my friend Graceful mom suggested we go out for bagels. Whoo-hoo! I paused to consider my intentions of going home for a run around our quiet neighborhood, then did the clearly sensible thing and went out for a bagel. Intense physical effort vs. yummy egg bagel sandwich with cheese and contest, really.

My visionary plans for my first regularly scheduled free day in like 12 years include yoga, painting, blogging, shopping... I went home and did laundry. And considered my huge library fines this week. My life is contained in monochromatic prose, it seems.

Well, there is always next week.

The kids had a blast, Amie was eager to go again tomorrow. She was very disappointed to learn that the classes are only once a week.